Closed Doors

I wonder to myself how many loving relationships have been discounted by social media. Our social media profiles contain snapshots of other people loving other people, and every detail in the photograph looks so glamorous, yet out of reach. People wonder why it can’t be them smiling next to the love of their life, eating exotic food, and laughing about some joke on the other side of the camera. These pictures of other people’s lives don’t seem fake, maybe a little distant, but still real. It has to be real – they have a picture.

I remember the first time I watched a romance movie and yearned for the kind of love that encompasses the movie screen for the entire hour and a half, until the end. It is constant, everlasting love, that is perfect. It is the same kind of love that exists on social media. We wonder, why I can’t I have that love, why can’t I be those people? Why can’t my life be perfect, photographic, everlasting moments. If only.

We don’t consider what happens behind closed doors. We don’t think about what happens in between scenes.

We don’t ask ourselves if we would rather look back on a life snapshots or back on loving memories and experiences. We don’t realize that we can’t have both.

We don’t acknowledge that every kind of love has secrets, and troubles. Every relationship has its best and its worst. We don’t realize that it is possible to feel movie screen love in massive quantities only to be followed by distaste and boredom – and still be happy with it.

If we had constant movie screen love and every second was picture perfect – what could we compare it to? Soon each day would become stale. Each new experience, joke, laugh, and feeling would be dull – it would be normal.

We don’t realize that normal is what we have feared all along.

Instead, we can wake up in the morning, touch our lovers skin, and try to notice the small amount of sunlight coming in the window. We can realize that in this moment we are picture perfect. In this moment we do have movie screen love. In this moment we are living.

That is the best. You know?



One thought on “Closed Doors

  1. Its much an eternal struggle. People craves for things they don’t have while failing to treasure the things they have, until they are gone of course.


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